Our newfangled version of the Sears & Roebuck Catalog

Today in it's original location, the oldest operating store in Montana sells the same styles Calamity Jane saw while shopping if she wasn't distracted by vigilantes hanging road agents out the back of the store.  


Men's frontier clothing

Out West clothing had to be functional, stylish, and hold its looks between rough river washings that didn't come often enough. Today, Rank's Mercantile carries brands and styles that worked over a century ago and work today. Whether you're looking for everyday "get it done" work clothes, or our best "Sunday go to meeting" suits, you're in the original store that still believes in charging a fair price for quality goods.

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Women's victorian clothing

Men may not want to admit it, but we all know the Frontier women conquered the Wild West. The tougher of the sexes endured all the hardships of the men, cooked the meals... and had their babies. Where clothes might make a man, women surely make clothes look like they should. Our Rank's Victorian Women's Clothing pays homage to a tough yet gentle spirit that tamed a savage country and continues to look good today.

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Rank's carries a wide variety of patterns ranging from 1850 - 1920.  Men, Women, & Children's including Frontier, Victorian & Native American designs. 


Through the years, Ranks has acquired an extensive Western American History book list. Browse through our hard-to-find, rare books.

General Store

For the past 152 years we've been the General Store.  If you need it we "Generally" have it.  

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